We called Green Cleaning Sydney on short notice as we did with other cleaning companies and they all said they wouldn't be able to come out till the following day and we had to give the keys in by the following morning. After expressing our concern, Green Cleaning Sydney found a way to squeeze us on the same day. They done a fantastic job and we had no complains from the landlord. Will use again, recommended!

I've always wanted to find natural cleaning solutions, primarily because of the fact that most of the products I had used for cleaning were toxic and dangerous. Green Cleaning Sydney is something I’ve been looking for all this time. My house has never been this clean. Most importantly, my daughter now has no problems with allergies and she can enjoy spending time in our house. I hesitated to invite Green Cleaning Sydney , but now I will definitely call them on a regular basis. Why? Their staff is professional and the results are great.

Judith Brown
When I visited my neighbor’s house, I was really surprised to see how clean and fresh their house was. Then, I discovered their secret: Green Cleaning Sydney . I had many questions about the company and the first one was why they call themselves “green”. My neighbor told me that they didn’t use any kind of toxic substances for cleaning. At first, I didn’t believe that it was possible to clean a house without toxic and foul-smelling cleansers, but it turned out that it was possible after all. My house is now perfectly clean and fresh. I’m proud of the fact that I didn’t harm my own health and our Planet and my house is still perfectly clean.

Megan Tailor
I was pretty busy last week and decided to look for a company that could clean my office. There were several options but it turned out that the company I chose was the best one. Namely, Green Cleaning Sydney . I called Green Cleaning Sydney and I explained what I actually needed. They sent a team of professionals and finished the job in a heartbeat.  From now on, I don’t have to worry about cleaning my large office, because this company has everything I need. And yes, they use natural products for cleaning, which is a great plus.

Ashley Nguyen
They done a tremendous job on restoring our carpets that were badly damaged and stained. The colour is back and they removed all the noticeable stains to its original state, thank you Green Cleaning Sydney.

We have been using Green Cleaning Sydney for all our home cleaning requirements for the last few years and they have consistently done a great job making the place look and smell amazing. Paul and Karen are exceptional in maintaining our household the way we like, thanks again to the team.