Green cleaning sydney- Client Service Agreement

The terms and conditions stated herein constitute the full and comprehensive service agreement (the “Contract”) between you (the “Client”) and Green cleaning sydney of Sydney NSW, Australia.
Please take note that it is recommended to read and review our Terms and Conditions thoroughly.  The use of our services means you agree to the Terms and Conditions that are listed below.  Know that our Terms and Conditions can change without prior notice upon our discretion.  However, we will notify you of the said amendments by posting them at our website.

1.  Cleaning Services

Green cleaning sydney agrees to provide commercial, domestic and/or construction cleaning services (the “Service”) as agreed upon with the Client at the specified address (the “Site”) given by the Client.

The Service will cover the cleaning responsibilities at the time when the Client made the booking for the agreed Service.

Green cleaning sydney will assign one or more cleaners (the “Cleaner”) to take care of the Site and to perform the Service at a time and date that both Green cleaning sydney and the Client mutually agreed.

Green cleaning sydney endeavors to provide the Service efficiently, accurately, industriously, professionally, and in a timely manner.

Green cleaning sydney is an agent that helps in the formation and supervision of domestic, commercial and/or construction service arrangements between the Client and the service provider or Cleaner.  In particular, the Client acknowledges that Green cleaning sydney has no liability or accountability for any domestic, commercial and/or construction services rendered by the service providers to the customer.

2.  Additions and Changes

Any changes on the Service stated on the Contract must be consented by Green cleaning sydney prior to the agreed booking time.

If the Client needs to amend the Service (for additional or variation) that is already being carried out, the Client is required to contact Green cleaning sydney first and converse with an authorized person, who may agree to amend the Service with absolute discretion. The assigned Cleaner is not permitted to make any changes to the agreed Service being performed. The Client must not make any direct request to the Cleaner to change the Service.

In case a Client no longer needs the Service stated in the Contract and the Green cleaning sydney Cleaners arrive at the Site according to the booking made, Green cleaning sydney reserves the right to charge an appropriate cancellation fee.

3.  Acceptance

By using the Services of Green cleaning sydney, the Client expressly agree to be bound by these Terms, and the Client further agrees that these Terms shall apply to all the booked services.

Notwithstanding clause 3.2, the Client may not accept the Terms or use the services if:

      a. The Client is not of legal age to form a binding contract with Green cleaning sydney; or

b. The Client is not permitted to enter into any contract as stated by law, in which case, the Client must immediately stop the transaction.

0. By accepting the Terms, the Client acknowledges that this is an unequivocal proof that the Terms are reasonable, that there is fair bargaining power or position, that there is no coercion, and that the Client thoroughly read and understood the Terms.

1. If in any event the Client failed to grasp any part of the Terms, it is advisable to seek separate legal advice.

4.  Client Representations and Confirmations

The Client represents and confirms or warrants that:

    The Site, where the Cleaner needs to perform the Service, has a safe working environment.

The Cleaner will have free and open access to the areas of the Site that require the Service.

The Client will grant the Cleaner an access to all services and utilities (including electricity, hot and cold water, and waste bins) that the Cleaner needs in order to perform the Service well.

The Cleaner will have the sole discretion in using all cleaning equipment and materials that the Client chose to provide. The products and equipment are expected to function in full working order and must not be tampered with.  They need to be accompanied with applicable licenses and the correct MSDS forms if warranted.

The Client will inform Green cleaning sydney of any hazards, risks or dangers, grease or grime, deep-seated dirt, and/or slippery surfaces at the Site before the Cleaner begins performing the Service.

If the Service calls for cleaning behind or under any heavy items (e.g. bookshelf, fridge, or other heavy item), the Client must move the heavy items first before the Cleaner commence the Service.  Any item that the Client moves either before, during, or after a Service will be done at the Client’s own risk. Green cleaning sydney encourages everyone to follow strict health and safety measures to ensure safety.

The Client will remove or secure any fragile, delicate, or valuable items, including but not limited to antiques, cash, jewelry, valuable masterpieces, and/or items of sentimental value before the Cleaner starts the Service.

The Cleaner will not be held accountable for damage due to incorrect or improper installation of furniture or other object in the Site.

5.  Denied Access

In the event that the Client failed or unable to provide access to the Cleaner, who is assigned to perform the Service at the Site and could do nothing but return to the base, the Client must pay a corresponding cancellation or postponement fee plus travel cost.

If key collection and drop off should be done by Green cleaning sydney or the designated Cleaner, the Client must shoulder the appropriate fee based on travel and time.

The Cleaner must have access to electricity and running water to do a proper job.  In case the Client failed to provide access to electricity and water to the Cleaner, the Client must pay a non-refundable fee.

6.  Safety and Health Risks

In addition, the Client acknowledges and agrees to the following:

    The Cleaner is allowed to carry out a job safety analysis work to assess possible health and safety risks at the Site prior to the start of any Service.

The Cleaner may, either before or during the time that the Service is being accomplished, opt not to use or cease using any materials or cleaning equipment that the Cleaner believes to be hazardous to health and safety upon carefully assessing the situation and facts.

The Cleaner may, either before or during the time that the Service is being accomplished, opt to cease performing the Service where the Cleaner in absolute discretion clearly believes that the implementation of the Service poses a risk to health and safety.

The Cleaner is not responsible for cleaning animal droppings, litter boxes, urine, human feces, vomit, animal cages, or other biohazards.

The alarms are to be deactivated on the day when the Service must be performed. If the alarm is activated, Green cleaning sydney will not be held responsible for any fees that the alarm activation might incur.

7.  No Private Appointment with Cleaners

The Client acknowledges that Green cleaning sydney has invested significant amount of time and resources in recruiting, choosing, and training its Cleaners. Unless Green cleaning sydney provides a written consent, the Client is not allowed to directly or indirectly employ or contract with a Green cleaning sydney Cleaner to perform domestic or commercial cleaning services to the Client or associates of the customer.

The Client recognizes that Green cleaning sydney may encounter loss and damage, including consequential loss, as a result of a violation of this clause by the Client.

The Client acknowledges that he or she must pay a penalty fee in the event of breach in either the first clause (7.1) or the second clause (7.2).

8.  Job Quotations

Any quote or estimate should be viewed as only an estimate based on the assessment of the Client regarding the needed work for the Site, which will be left in a state of reasonable cleanliness.  The quotation may change once the Cleaner visits the Site, and if the property is deemed to be larger than the average size of property on which the quotation was initially based on and not limited to the number of the usual rooms (e.g. bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.) or additional rooms.

Any price quoted by Green cleaning sydney is an estimate only based on our initial assessment to date, without prior inspection and according to the information that the customer provided over the phone or email.  The quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date when the quote was drafted. After the ocular inspection, we reserve the right to make appropriate amendment on the drafted quote.

If upon commencement or during the course of rendering the agreed Service, it is evident that the actual cost of Service will exceed the quoted timeframe that Green cleaning sydney has provided, Green cleaning sydney will present the Client with an option to pay an additional amount for the completion of the Service, stick to the quoted amount without seeing the completion of the Service, or cancel the service and get a refund minus the cancellation fee.

External window cleaning is only applicable for the external windows that the Cleaner can access without using a ladder or harness to keep him or her from falling and must be deemed safe as per OH&S guidelines.

The actual amount payable by the Client will be computed on the actual total number of hours that the Cleaner rendered, and must be rounded up to the nearest 15-minute interval.

The Client agrees to pay for any parking costs that the Cleaner might incur in accomplishing the Service for the Site.

Exclusions from the prevailing checklist (a Client can opt to include these but will need to pay extra) includes, but not limited to:

    Outer areas (garages, gardens, balconies), writings on walls, ceiling, light or exhaustive scrubbing of walls, furnished properties, light fittings, discolored grout, mold elimination, kitchen appliances, strip and seal, high pressure cleaning, and waste removal.  The fly screens, blinds, and security screens need only to be dusted.  Note that we cannot guarantee the elimination of marks on walls, mold, or stains on carpets.

9.  Bookings

The Client may request a booking by email, phone, or through the booking system of Green cleaning sydney.  The Client will receive a confirmation of the booking, a receipt for the payment, and the Contract that represents the contractual relationship between the Client, Green Cleaning Sydney , and the Cleaner.

Green Cleaning Sydney will then prepare your contact details, requested time, location, and the extent of the Service for the Cleaner to know.  A Cleaner will then confirm the acceptance of the Service.

The Client will be notified immediately when a Cleaner confirmed the booking.

If you want to request for your preferred Cleaner, Green Cleaning Sydney will take the request into account.  However, we cannot guarantee that a specific Cleaner will be able to accommodate the request because everything depends on the availability and willingness of the Cleaner to take on the job.

In the event that the requested Cleaner cannot fulfill the request, Green Cleaning Sydney will assign a substitute Cleaner to fulfill the requested booking.

If the Client only wants the particular Cleaner but then still unavailable at the time of the booking, Green Cleaning Sydney will arrange another time for the Client to have the Service when the requested Cleaner is available.

At the time of booking, the Client must provide details of any hazards, grease or grime, slippery surfaces, deep-seated dirt, or risks or dangers that the Cleaner might encounter at the Site.
Green cleaning sydney will provide the estimates and prices at the time of booking in good faith, and are subject to change upon site inspection.

The Client agrees to give their valid credit card details to Green cleaning sydney when the booking is made, and give consent to Green cleaning sydney to debit the card with an amount equal to the provided Service and/or other fees that may apply as stipulated in the Contract.

The Client may use the booking system to make legitimate bookings for the Service and to make payments for the said bookings, and should not be used for other purposes.

Any false, speculative, or fraudulent booking is strictly prohibited.  The Client agrees that the sole purpose of the booking system is to make legitimate bookings for him or herself or another person who gave an authorization to the Client to do the booking.  The Client acknowledges that when an abuse of the booking system occurs, the system may no longer grant an access to the Client.

The Client is not allowed to engage the Services of a Cleaner outside the platform of the booking system.

The Client agrees that in the event that he or she is unable to sign the paperwork, the Client will assign an authorized representative to sign the paperwork with an agreement that the final balance can be charged to the card of the Client who made the booking.

Should the Client use another individual’s card when the booking was made, the owner of the card must be acknowledged by the Client that he or she is an authorized representative.

The Client agrees that unless Green cleaning sydney has regarded a job complete, our re-clean guarantee is thus null and void.  In the event that a Client books only the minimum time period for the Service (i.e. 3 hours) and more time and Service are required to clean the entire area completely, we will only guarantee our work up to the given time period, which did not warrant a signed off on its completion.

Green cleaning sydney reserves the right to turn down a booking without stating any reason.

Green cleaning sydney has the right, at its own discretion, to change, add, or withdraw functions on the platform at any given time.

10.  Changes and Cancellations

The Client may cancel or amend a booking prior to the commencement of the Service and a non-cancellation fee of 50% of the service fee will apply.

If the Client has decided to cancel or amend a booking prior to the commencement of the scheduled Service, the Client must pay the cancellation costs which is a non-cancellation fee of 50% of the service fee.

Amending, extending, or cancelling a booking when the Service has already begun is not allowed.

The Contract shall expire once the Services stated in the Contract or booking have been fulfilled.

In any event that the Cleaner is unable to finish the Service, Green cleaning sydney will try to find a replacement Cleaner. In case we cannot find a substitute Cleaner, we will reschedule the booking to a time that suits you. If we cannot find you a suitable time, you may choose to cancel the booking free of charge.

11.  Payment Terms

The Client agrees to pay the price quoted and any other charges applicable to Green cleaning sydney in full prior to the commencement of Service, unless otherwise arranged with Green cleaning sydney in writing.

If a payment has not been settled by the time the Service should begin, Green cleaning sydney will try reasonable means to contact the Client and ask for the payment. In the event that Green cleaning sydney failed to contact the Client or payment is not received by the time when the Service must begin, Green cleaning sydney will assume that the Client have cancelled the Service, and we will charge necessary fees to the Client as stipulated in the Terms and Conditions.

The Client may pay via bank transfer, credit card, or in cash. Take note that bank transfers are only accepted if processed 3 working days ahead of the scheduled booking time, and there’s a booking fee for payment made through credit cards.

Unless otherwise specified, all prices and quotations are GST exclusive amounts.

If GST is payable with regard to anything supplied to the Client under this Contract, then the sum that the Client is required to pay for the said supply (Original Amount) will be grossed up (subject to the receipt of a valid tax invoice) in order for Green cleaning sydney to retain the original amount even after subtracting the GST liability of Green cleaning sydney.

12.  Late Payment Fee

In the event where Green cleaning sydney has agreed to collect the payment after the Service has been completed.  The Client will be given an invoice that must be paid in full, all fees included, within 7 days of the invoice creation date.

The Client agrees that if Green cleaning sydney failed to receive the full payment for the Service within one calendar month of the invoice date, then the Client should pay a late payment fee of $35 for the first month delay.  Corresponding interest, with a fixed rate of 10% per annum, will be charged on each succeeding day that the amount remains unsettled.

In addition, the Client agrees to indemnify Green cleaning sydney for all legal costs (on a full indemnity basis or solicitor and own client, whichever is greater) and other costs incurred by Green cleaning sydney in connection with an action, demand, or other proceeding (including out of court settlement, mediation, or any action taken in an attempt to recover the amount from the Client) arising from the violation of these terms, including the Client’s failure to pay the amount on the due date.

Green cleaning sydney reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to report any non-payment to a collection agency, the Rental Tenancies Authority (RTA), and/or the Client’s property agent.  In doing so, it may affect the credit rating and/or ability of the Client to seek a property to rent in the future.

13.  Non-appearance

If a Cleaner fails to make an appearance at the Site (but sends a notification via sms or email) within 12 hours of the requested time of Service and does not provide the agreed Service, Green cleaning sydney will offer the Client one of the following:

      a. The Service will be rescheduled to a different time that is mutually agreed by the Client and Green cleaning sydney.

b.If the suggested reschedule time is not accepted by the Client, the payment of the Client will be refunded minus the cancellation fee set by Green cleaning sydney.

c. In the event that the Client failed to notify or send a notice to Green cleaning sydney before the Cleaners have started traveling to the Site and the Client or the representative turns the Cleaners away, the Client agrees to pay the cancellation fee.

14.  Complaints

If the Client is displeased, for any reason, with the Service provided by Green cleaning sydney, the Client is expected to make all reasonable efforts to inform Green cleaning sydney via email and/or other means within 48 hours after the Contract has been fulfilled.

Green cleaning sydney aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction at all times and we will try our best where reasonably possible to resolve the issue in a quick and efficient manner. Green cleaning sydney reserves the right to re-assess any reported job site that is considered lacking in some areas to meet the standard of the Client within 7 days after a complaint was reported.
Weekends or public holidays are not included in the 7-day time frame. The Client holds the sole responsibility of contacting Green cleaning sydney and gaining entry to re-visit a property. Green cleaning sydney may, at its discretion, offer the Client one of the following:

    a. Re-supply the Service free of charge.

b. Green cleaning sydney guarantees that we will go and re-visit the property stated on the complaint and to re-clean the areas that we have quoted to do so.  Take note that no refunds will be given.

c. If there is a need for a re-clean, the Client must notify Green cleaning sydney within 3 days from the intended date to conduct a re-clean, otherwise the re-clean will be regarded as null and void.

15.  Exclusions and limitations

The conditions and warranties which Green cleaning sydney find binding to our kind of business in respect of the state, condition or quality of goods, and services given by Green cleaning sydney to the Clients are those required and imposed to be binding by statute (this includes the Trade Practices Act 1974).

To the degree permitted by statute, Green cleaning sydney’s liability, if any, is completely limited to and utterly discharged by the resupply of the Service. Green cleaning sydney is not responsible for any of the following:

    a. Not finishing or granting the Service as a result of a warranty violation committed by the Client in clause 4 (including a Client’s failure to provide the cleaning equipment, unencumbered access to the Site, right materials, utility services like electricity and water, and/or a safe working environment.

b. Any damages or breakage caused by defective or faulty cleaning materials and/or equipment that the Client has provided.

c. Not finishing or granting the Service as a result of the Cleaner’s discretion of not proceeding due to health and safety reasons under clause 6.

d. Any damage or loss that the Client has incurred or any third party brought by the effects of a force majeure, being any event beyond the control of Green cleaning sydney. Such event as and not limited to extreme weather, emergencies or illness, or vehicular accidents.

e. Not finishing or granting the Service due to an act or omission of the Client or any other individual at the Site while the Service is being fulfilled or about to commence.

f. Already existing (prior to the booking of Service) damage, dirt, wear, or stains that cannot be utterly cleaned or impossible to remove even with reasonable endeavors by Green cleaning sydney team.

g. Any discoloring or wear of fabric or surfaces becoming more noticeable once the presence of dirt has been removed.

h. Any loss incurred as a result of any damage or breakage to goods, valuable items (including but not limited to expensive artworks, items of sentimental value, and antiques) or the Site.

i. The cost of any locksmith or key replacement fees, unless the Cleaner lost the keys.

        0. With the exception of the ones provided in this clause, all warranties and conditions implied by law in respect of the state, condition or quality of the Service, which may apart from this clause be binding on Green cleaning sydney, are excluded.

1. The Client acknowledges that the outcome of any provided Services may vary based on numerous factors (including the time that has elapsed since Site was last cleaned, materials used, provided equipment, nature of cleaning required, and/or permanent stains or wear and tear), and that Green cleaning sydney provides no guarantee regarding the kind of result that the Service yields.

2. With the exception provided in this clause, Green cleaning sydney has no responsibility (including liability in possible negligence) to any individual for any damage or loss (either consequential or otherwise) that an individual incurred or experienced in relation to the products or Services that Green cleaning sydney has provided.  This includes any loss that is directly or indirectly caused by any failure, deficiency or defect, or any kind of products used and/or Services provided by Green cleaning sydney.

16.  Indemnity

The Client indemnifies Green cleaning sydney against:

    All liabilities or losses, arising directly or indirectly, as a result of satisfying the condition of the Service including all liabilities or losses as a result of the violation of the warranties of the Client set out in clause 4.

All legal costs (on full indemnity basis or a solicitor and own client, whichever is greater) and other expenses or fees incurred byGreen cleaning sydney in connection with a legal action, demand, arbitration or other proceeding (including compromise, mediation, settlement out of court or appeal, and any action taken in an attempt to recover a debt from the Client).

17.  Accidents, Theft, Breakage, and Damage

The Client must immediately inform Green cleaning sydney of any incident where a breakage, accident, damage to property, or theft has occurred due to an act committed by the Cleaner.  The incident must be reported within 24 hours after the completion of the Service.

To the extent permitted by law, the Client is not eligible to make any claim to a loss for any unreported incident related to Green cleaning sydney or the assigned Cleaner within 24 hours after completing the Service. Green cleaning sydney must receive the report first so we can conduct proper investigation and ask assistance from the local authorities.

To the extent permitted by law, take note that under these terms and conditions Green cleaning sydney is specifically excluded from any liability or responsibility to loss or damage to the following items: jewelry, cash, artworks or masterpieces, antiques, and/or items of sentimental value which are not limited to only the mentioned items above.

18.  Booking Times, Rescheduling, and Key Collection

In the event that the Cleaner attends the Site but refuses to render or provide the requested Service, Green cleaning sydney will present the Client with the following options:

      There will be a rescheduling of the agreed Service to be fulfilled, and the new schedule must be mutually agreed by the Client and Green cleaning sydney.  The reschedule must be decided within 72 hours of the original Service date and time.

If the Client refuses to have a reschedule or finds the available reschedule time not acceptable, the Client is entitled to refund the payment that he or she made to Green cleaning sydney minus the cancellation fee.

Take note that the booking time quoted for service is an approximate or estimate time only, and Green cleaning sydney reserves the right to change or modify the said booking time or day within 72 hours of the initial Service time.

Please take note that it is the responsibility of the Client to notify Green cleaning sydney at the time of booking if the Site should be inspected that day or the keys must be returned immediately to the agent at the time of the Service booking so we can devise a plan that will allow the Cleaner (and make it possible) to clean within the assigned timeframe of accomplishing the job.

19.  Free Re-Clean Guarantee

Green cleaning sydney also offers a free re-clean guarantee in case a re-clean is needed.  Take note that the guarantee is only valid within 72 hours from time the Service has been accomplished unless the Client had prior agreement with Green cleaning sydney in writing.  The given timeframe must be strictly followed, if the Client made no prior agreement with Green cleaning sydney, to be entitled for a re-clean.  If the Client contacted Green cleaning sydney after the given time frame has lapsed, the guarantee is no longer valid and no re-clean will take place.

The Client must provide Green cleaning sydney a list or exit report from the agent within 72 hours through email for the free re-clean guarantee to apply.

A provided list from the tenant and then from the agent are not acceptable.  The list must solely originate from the agent.

Once the Green cleaning sydney obtains the list that the agent has provided, Green cleaning sydney will try to book the re-clean within 72 hours (weekends not included).

Take note that the re-clean guarantee is exclusively for cleaning only and it does not apply to carpet cleaning or pest control.

20.  Termination

The Client may cancel or terminate the Contract by providing a prior notice at least 3 working or business days before the scheduled Service.

Green cleaning sydney holds the right to terminate this Contract by providing the Client with a notice at least 24 hours before the start of the scheduled Service.

Green cleaning sydney may cancel this Contract with pressing effect if the Client is proved to have committed a violation of this Contract, and in Green cleaning sydney’s opinion the breach committed is incapable of remedy.

21.  Privacy policy

The Client acknowledges that Green cleaning sydney can use the information that the Client divulged for the purpose of providing a better Service. Green cleaning sydney agrees not to share or reveal with any third party indirectly involved in the provision of the Service (unless required by law) any information that the Client has provided.

The Client agrees to communicate with Green cleaning sydney, whether electronically and/or via other means of communication, regarding the Service or for other reason that has something to do with the provision of the Service.

Green cleaning sydney promises to take all rational precautions to protect the personal information that the Client has provided, and make sure that there will be no unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, alteration, misuse, or destruction.

22.  Changes to this agreement

Green cleaning sydney reserves the right to revise or modify these Terms and Conditions at any given time and without prior notice.  However, the Client can view the updated Terms and Conditions on Green cleaning sydney’s website. After the update has been published on the website, each modified agreement will be given 24 hours to take effect.

The Client agrees that choosing to use any of Green cleaning sydney Services following the update on such change, whether as a single task or as part of a routine cleaning schedule, constitutes their understanding to abide and be bound by the updated Terms and Conditions.

23.  Law & Jurisdiction

The Client and Green cleaning sydney recognize and accept that this Contract shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of each party’s state and both consent to submit to the absolute jurisdiction of the courts in each state in case a dispute arises.

24.  Severability

The Client agrees that if any provision or term is found void, invalid, or unenforceable, then the provision will be deemed severable and the remaining provisions and terms shall continue to be binding.

25.  Copyright

The content of this Terms and Condition is protected by international copyright laws and should be used only as reference for personal study. Subject to applicable law, the permission to copy, change, replicate, publish, transmit and/or otherwise disseminate the content of this agreement is prohibited without prior written permission from Green cleaning sydney.