Green Cleaning Sydney Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy of Green Cleaning Sydney gives its customers more details about the way our company uses, collects and discloses our customers’ personal information. This applies to all of the services offered on our web site.

Customers’ Personal Information

If customers decide to contact us in any way, we may ask them to give us different personal information in several ways. In particular, when customers visit our site and decide to write to us, they will fill out a form which includes their name, email, telephone and a comment they would like to send to us. On the other hand, customers can contact us voluntarily, which means that all personal information they share with us are voluntarily submitted. If customers decide not to give any personal information, they will only be prevented to use some of the activities on the site.

Collecting Non-Personal Information

Besides personal information, customers may be asked to submit some kind of non-personal information such as type of connection, providers, type of browser and other kinds of technical information.


To offer our customers amazing experience on the web site, we will use cookies to track information. However, if customers set up their browsers to block cookies, some of the functions offered on our web site might not work properly.

Why Do De Collect Personal Information?

The personal details we collect from our customers are used for several purposes. The main reason we gather this kind of information is to enhance customers’ experience and offer them better services. Some important changes and information are periodically sent to customers’ emails to keep them informed.


All your personal information will be safe with Green Cleaning Sydney. Our company doesn’t sell or trade your personal information. All gathered details are stored and protected against unauthorized use. Some generic information will be shared with our partners and advertisers though for us to better identify your needs.

Privacy Policy Can Be Changed at any Time

In case there is a need to change this Privacy Policy, Green Cleaning Sydney can change terms and conditions at any time, but our customers will be regularly informed on the changes. Our customers need to check our web site regularly to stay informed about all the changes that have been made. By visiting our site, you agree to all terms and conditions stated in the Green Cleaning Sydney Privacy Policy. Your obligation is to check our website periodically for the changes to be informed about any kind of modification. If you don’t agree with all of the terms and conditions, please do not use our website.

Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us

If the details we shared with you in this Privacy Policy are not clear, feel to free to contact us. Our support team is eagerly waiting to help you clarify all of the details and help you understand the practices of our site. You can send us an email on or call us on our info number 1300 206 000.