Educating Clients About Environment-Friendly Cleaning Materials

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Consumers ought to know the danger they put themselves in every time they buy commercial cleaning products.  Much as we all love a clean house, there are many times  we pollute the indoor air and end up ingesting poisonous gases emitted from the cleaning detergents, which puts putting our entire family in danger.  

How Are They Poisonous to Us?

Soap, bleaching agents, detergents, scourers, softeners, polishes and all specialized cleaners for glass, oven, bathroom etc. all come packed in a sweet smelling scent.  With the sweet scent, we do not care to check the amount of chemicals used to manufacture them.
Nearly 10% of all cleaning products in our homes are highly toxic with some causing immediate hazards to the skin or the respiratory organs, while others are causing long term chronic effects like cancer and hormonal imbalance.  For example, any cleaning agent containing ammonia and chlorine bleach is highly irritating to the eyes, throat, nose and lungs and can never be used by asthmatic patients or those with heart or lung problems.  These two toxic ingredients are mostly found in oven cleaners, drain cleaners and toilet bowl cleaners.

Apart from the toxic ingredients in these cleaners, fragrances are also highly poisonous to the respiratory system.  Fragrances used in commercial cleaners are highly toxic as they are manufactured through highly chemical formulas. Many manufacturers will not tell you this but only list them as fragrances.

Adopting Environment-Friendly Products

The commercial cleaners are not only poisonous to the users but to the environment as well, as they end up harming the fish life and wildlife in general.  Today, with many scientific researches, there has been a shift in developing products that are both human and environmental friendly.

Green cleaning is safe for use around our homes, for our children, pets and plants. These eco-friendly cleaners are mainly made from natural food grade ingredients.  Household ingredients like lemon, table salt etc. can also be used to do the cleaning on their own without adding any chemicals.

Some of the Natural Ingredients to Use

You now have a choice to either purchase the Green cleaning products or use the natural one right from your kitchen.  Some of these natural ingredients include:

  • Homemade liquid soap made from olive oil, palm or coconut oil instead of harmful petroleum products.
  • Baking soda, better known as sodium bicarbonate
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Essential oils
  • Lemon
  • Olive oil
  • Table salt

Some of these natural ingredients have been packaged and can now be purchased for cleaning.  By choosing environment-friendly cleaning, you have chosen to live healthy and to keep the environment around you healthy.