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Green Cleaning of Your Carpets

Green Cleaning Sydney  specializes in providing you with high quality Carpet Cleaning Sydney, north Sydney service using only the best natural cleaning solutions and non-toxic chemicals. All the natural solutions we are using for carpet cleaning are environmentally friendly and it wouldn’t be harmful to your children and pets in the house. We assure you that your carpets will be looking new and smelling really clean when we are done with the cleaning. We can remove all kinds of carpet stains and marks that are very hard to remove. We only use the most suitable cleaning equipment and techniques to eliminate dirt, stains and ugly marks left on your carpets. We also do office cleaning services, which include carpet cleaning northern beaches.

Our Green Cleaners

Our cleaners have many years of experience in cleaning out different types of carpets in homes and offices. They are highly skilled and well-trained for using our all-natural non-toxic cleaning solutions.  Green cleaners also know how to use different techniques in order to remove all kinds of carpet stains. We can clean hard to remove coffee stains, pet stains, grease, dirt and other unwanted marks.  Our cleaners are qualified to handle all kinds of cleaning solutions and they know what to use on certain fabrics to achieve the best results without any fading or discoloration.

Bring Your Carpets Back to Life

Have you given up on your carpet because of too much stains and marks? We can bring it back to life looking brightly clean and fresh. We offer carpet cleaning services, as well as office cleaning, end of lease cleaning and bond cleaning, which are tailored to meet your requirements and needs. For office carpet cleaning, we can give your office a more professional looking image with freshly cleaned and spotless carpets. It’s not the end for your carpets because we can bring them back to life once again.

Your Carpet needs to be cleaned regularly

Carpet is usually one of the most important and expensive furnishings. To always maintain carpet in a brilliant condition requires a lot of attention to detail. When food or drinks spills it
may result in staining the carpets which require professional stain removal. We at Green Cleaning Sydney specialise in strain removal and restoring carpets to their natural state.

Powerful tools to steam clean

Green Cleaning Sydney  provides professional carpet steam cleaning service with the latest state of the art machinery. Steam cleaning is one of the most popular carpet cleaning methods as it delivers results in an efficient and environmental friendly way which gives your carpet an outstanding clean.

Every step counts

Green Cleaning Sydney will look into your stains on the carpet and apply effective carpet cleaning solutions according to the type and size of the stain. We take great care for our clients carpets and every single cleaning step is performed meticulously. Prior to beginning steam cleaning, we will pre vacuum your carpet to remove any dust or debris and then apply our required stain removing solution to ensure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly.

Remove the stain on your carpet with ease

Stain removal treatment may take time but with our experience and skill, your carpet will be rid of dirt and stains with our natural cleaning solutions. Green Cleaning Sydney specialises in effective stain removal and carpet restoration.

Green Cleaning Sydney cleaning procedure and three stage program

Prior to commencing a carpet cleaning service, we will go through with you the entire process, answering any questions you might have and discuss possible results for any trouble areas.

Green Cleaning Sydney recommend and only use Steam Cleaning method (hot water extraction, fast drying approximately 2-8 hours) as the most effective way to completely clean your carpets
and furniture.

Our three stage program consists off:

  • We will examine and assess your carpets and any troubled areas, hours then a pre vacuum is completed to remove all excess dirt. We will then apply our natural pre spray shampoo to your carpets to prepare for our carpet extraction.
  • We then begin to extract your carpet with our latest equipment focusing on thoroughly removing all the soils, grease, stains and spills from the carpet or furniture leaving it cleaner,softer, and lasting finish for a healthier environment
  • Our final step consits of deodirising and grooming your carpets to give it that brand new and fresh look.

If you are looking for carpet cleaning specialist, call us now on 1300 206 000 for a free quote for all your cleaning needs in Sydney NSW.