Carpet Care: Most Common Methods

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To prolong the life of your carpet, effective carpet cleaning methods are necessary. Carpets are expensive and prolonging their usability is a must. There are a lot of professional cleaners who can help you with this.

Sure Methods

Choose the most appropriate method of maintenance for your kind of carpet:

1.  Pre-treatment Method
The pre-treatment method works well in areas of high traffic. With this method, the carpet gets treated by a pre-treatment solution first. This loosens the dirt, making it easier to clean. Make sure to test the spray solution on a small area first to avoid damage.

2.   Carpet Skimming
Carpet skimming or bonnet buffing involves cleaning the carpet with a rotary floor machine. A bonnet or yarn pad immersed in cleaning solution is attached to the machine. This loosens any residual dirt while the bonnet and the carpet help dry it out at the same time. The quick method cuts downtime and works well for busy areas.

3. Extraction Cleaning
This type of cleaning method is the most thorough and is great for carpet maintenance. A cleaning fluid gets injected into the carpet at high pressure and temperature. This action loosens and dissolves the dirt on the carpet. The loosened grime is immediately vacuumed off into the recovery tank for faster cleaning.

4.   Shampooing

Choose from the different kinds of carpet shampooing:

  • Foam Shampooing
    Consist of wet and dry foam shampooing. Both involve applying shampoo to the carpet and letting them dry immediately. This removes all dirt and soil on the carpet and has shorter downtime than wet shampooing.
  • Wet Shampooing
    Compared to the other methods, wet shampooing involves longer downtime. Yet, it is effective in removing stubborn dirt. The use of carpet nylon brush attached to a rotary machine also makes cleaning a breeze.
  • Dry Foam Shampooing
    For large areas of carpet, the dry foam shampooing is best. A dry foam shampoo machine works its wonders by applying shampoo into the carpet. After that, the brushes work the foam, so there’s lesser risk of over-wetting. This also accounts for shorter time in drying.

Making your Carpet Last

Whatever methods you use, periodic carpet cleaning is a must. Always choose the best method that’s right for you. You can also ask the help of professionals who are equip to do the job.