13 Jun

Cleaning Businesses: The Advantages of Going Green

There is no doubt that going green has lots of advantages and benefits.  It is healthier and definitely won’t harm the environment.  It can also help prevent Earth’s further deterioration.

Healthier Household and Home

Green cleaning agents use natural ingredients and you can... more
13 Jun

The Different Challenges in Promoting Green Cleaning

There are lots of advantages of green cleaning and there also exist different challenges in promoting it.  Although people are aware that going green is the best thing to do, unfortunately there are things that prevent people from embracing the idea.

Green Cleaning Agents are a bit E... more

13 Jun

Top 10 Marketing Trends for the Cleaning Industry

If you are a fresh entrepreneur planning to enter the cleaning industry, there are several ways to market your business and gain lots of customers.

Focus on the Need of your Locality

If you want to start a cleaning business within your locality, then it’s best to know the need... more
13 Jun

Educating Clients About Environment-Friendly Cleaning Materials

Consumers ought to know the danger they put themselves in every time they buy commercial cleaning products.  Much as we all love a clean house, there are many times  we pollute the indoor air and end up ingesting poisonous gases emitted from the cleaning detergents, which puts putting our entire family in danger.   ... more
13 Jun

The Importance of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Materials

Using eco-friendly cleaning materials in our homes has gained popularity in recent years. It's a known fact that these green products have been around since our grandparents. Besides, the health risks posed by commercial cleaners are well known. As people became extra vigilant, the use of gentler products became more i... more
13 Jun

Deep Cleaning Tubs: The Right Cleaning Solution and Methods to Use

After a stressful day, soaking into your luxurious bathtub is pure heaven. Yet, the tub is a magnet for dirt, grime, mildew, soap scum and stains. Regular maintenance using the right cleaning solution is a must.

Proven Methods

So, here are some useful tips to clean your tub an... more
13 Jun

5 Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips

Keeping clean not only the office but also the whole building is one of the key ingredients to achieve success. There is a significant increase of productivity among all employees that are working in clutter-free working areas. Hiring a professional cleaning service is beneficial to maintain the heavy and daily cle... more
13 Jun

The Top 5 Residential Cleaning Tips

Are you someone who finds cleaning challenging? Well, you’re not alone and frankly speaking. most people share the same opinion.  In today’s world, you need to work real hard in order to support your needs and, unfortunately, the cleanliness of one’s home gets neglected.  These cleaning tips will help you organ... more
13 Jun

The 4 Stages of Proper and Effective Carpet Cleaning

Carpets hold majority of the dirt in a house or office and without proper cleaning, it may lead to allergic infections to your family.  Proper cleaning maintains your carpet allowing it to serve you for a long period of time.

Stages of Properly Cleaning Your Carpet

13 Jun

Carpet Care: Most Common Methods

To prolong the life of your carpet, effective carpet cleaning methods are necessary. Carpets are expensive and prolonging their usability is a must. There are a lot of professional cleaners who can help you with this.

Sure Methods

Choose the most appropriate method of maintena... more