5 Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips

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Keeping clean not only the office but also the whole building is one of the key ingredients to achieve success. There is a significant increase of productivity among all employees that are working in clutter-free working areas.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is beneficial to maintain the heavy and daily cleaning tasks, but there are also simple ways to keep offices tidy that can be followed by all employees and owners.

Removing Clutter

The simplest way to clean an office area is by removing the clutter or minimizing it. Mountains of papers or files, tangled computer cords and too much desk accessories can affect the productivity of employees. Keeping the office clutter-free and having a place for every item lets employees relax their eyes and increase their productivity at work.

Eliminating the Odor

Cleaning the office is not only maintenance, but it is a kind of prevention. It is preventing the odors. Keeping the odors away can be a simple task such as placing trash containers in common areas. Disposing the garbage every day can eliminate the possible smell and keeps the work environment friendly.

Pay Attention to High-Touch Areas

Many office equipment and machines are overlooked when cleaning, such as the computer keyboard, monitor, mouse and even phones. To keep the germs at bay, cotton swabs, hair dryer or compressed air canister can be used to eliminate the dust. A soft paper towel can be used to wipe the dirt away.

Cleaning Community Areas

There are many areas in the building that are used often by most of the employees such as conference tables and doorknobs. All employees must take an effort to keep these common areas clean.

Schedule a Cleaning Day

If the schedule is tight, having a specific schedule for cleaning the office can help the employees clean their own spaces in a given time.