The 4 Stages of Proper and Effective Carpet Cleaning

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Carpets hold majority of the dirt in a house or office and without proper cleaning, it may lead to allergic infections to your family.  Proper cleaning maintains your carpet allowing it to serve you for a long period of time.

Stages of Properly Cleaning Your Carpet

  • It is true that carpet cleaning is not easy, especially when you don’t have a solid plan on how to clean it. However, there are four proven steps to thoroughly clean a carpet.  They are:
    Examine your carpet.  Most of us live with our carpets without ever knowing what fiber they are made of.  It is important to examine the carpet to diagnose the type of soaps and stain removers that ought to be used.  Use a vacuum cleaner to remove soil debris and any other dirt so that you can tell true stains from fake ones.  Ensure you remove the furniture before you vacuum.
  • Remove the stains.  Use a high powered vacuum, which is 5 times more powerful than the normal one called a pilelifter that pulls the carpet fibers to their tight and upright position, at the same time releasing trapped dirt from the carpet’s base.  Pre-spot and pre-spray the heavily stained and traffic areas with the right stain remover and the right conditioning agent.
  • Clean the entire carpet. Spray the entire carpet with the right shampoo that is fit for the carpet fiber and easy to dry.  Allow the cleaning solution enough time to soak to the very base of the carpet to remove all the dirt.  Once soaked, gently comb through the carpet fibers using a carpet brush or a rotary cleaning machine, comb through the fibers to ensure dirt is released and ready to be removed.
  • Rinse, dry and treat.  Before rinsing, inject into the carpet a highly potent antibacterial deodorizer to remove any remaining debris of dirt and kills germs.  Rinse the carpet with a hot water extraction twin vacuum machine to extract the murky solution into the waste tank and leave the carpet dry.  Inspect for any residuals or stains and treat accordingly.  Finally, apply an antibacterial solution that brightens the carpet and restores its shine by neutralizing the detergents used.  The carpet is ready for you all fresh and soft with no germs in sight.

The Right Way

There is a right way for doing everything in this life and until we learn to do things the right way, then we shall enjoy the results; however, if we can’t do it ourselves, it is best to let the professionals do it because they are highly trained in this field.  When the carpet is cleaned the right way, we all enjoy the fresh scent in our houses or workplaces with infections and allergies kept at bay.